This album was been a labor of love, hard work, and dedication. From the time the first song was written (Exhale) to the album being published, it was a two and a half year journey. 

A lot of people have asked about the album title. The title "NOT APPROVED By The FDA" came about as a joke of sorts. Initially, we were talking about how listening to the songs in a certain order tends to make you feel better for some reason. Someone mentioned that we had to be careful not to promise any healing benefits because we would have to put in the fine print something like "these statements &/or songs have not been approved by the FDA"... And thus the title was born! 

Now, for the biggest question of all...what the heck is a "punchweasel" anyway?! Well, let's take a look at it from a metaphysical perspective, so to speak. A weasel totem is one that imparts the ability to see beneath the surface of things to what the actual intent and meaning is. Weasels signify people who are willing to hear the divine word, but then do nothing with what they have heard. Punchweasels, on the other hand, take this divine word and find a way through poetry and music to share it with the universe. Punchweasels learn to develop their sense of inner hearing and then (most importantly) pay attention to their inner voice. Well, that should have cleared it right up...

Not Approved by the FDA


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Not Approved by the FDA

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